Web Services using a TCP proxy server (Part 3 of 3)
Last edited 2003-04-13 by Jay Nelson

This tutorial demonstrates a simple, but non-trivial, example of a TCP proxy server using the OTP construct gen_server. The goal is to implement a process that can be used to deliver web services to HTML browsers. The source code is here.

This tutorial contains three parts:

  1. A generic TCP proxy server based on gen_server
  2. How to implement the ProxyModule interface
  3. A Web Service using the TCP proxy server


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  1. Description of a proxy server
    1. The proxy server interface
    2. The gen_server behaviour
    3. Architecting a server design
    4. Implementing gen_server callbacks
    5. Implementing the Accept Connection process
  2. ProxyModule explained
    1. Testing with an echo proxy server
    2. Echoing a browser request
    3. A proxy server to block websites
  3. Deploying Web Services
    1. Recognizing requests
    2. Extracting from web pages
      1. Synonym dictionary
      2. Pattern matching dictionary
      3. Zoning a page
      4. Pulling content from a zone
    3. Reconstructing web pages
  4. This portion of the tutorial has not yet been written.