Erlang Development

Erlang is an open source language developed by Ericsson for highly concurrent applications, such as phone switches. We use it to implement Internet applications, servers and Web 2.0 infrastructure. The advantage of using erlang is that it supports many simultaneous requests, handles failures gracefully and scales across multiple servers to provide a single highly responsive website service.

Proposals for Erlang Enhancements

Erlang Tutorials

Erlang Publications

ICFP 2004: Structured Programming Using Processes ( Briefing )
Considers processes as organizing units of a structured design. Recommends when and how processes should be used to simplify implementation and clarify the design of an application. A personal accounting application is used as the example application.

ICFP 2005: A Stream Library Using Erlang Binaries ( Briefing Code )
Presents the motivation and difficulties of using extremely large binaries with native erlang. Demonstrates a dramatic performance improvement by using BIFs to handle single binaries up to 1GB in size.

ICFP 2006: Concurrent Caching ( Briefing Code )
Provides a sample implementation of a caching model whereby a separate process is used for each cached datum. The paper argues that the code simplification, implementation flexibility and multi-core advantages provide motivation for further research on distributed caching.

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